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SQlapius software manuals

Below you will find the manuals that are handed out during our software training courses. The manuals are available in .pdf format and cover most of the SQ tools and functionalities, including basic actions, registrations and declarations.

Manual 1 - Registrations

Manual 1 is all about the registrations that can be done within the SQlapius environment. This covers patient registration and all of the accompanying tasks that (in general) are done by assistants in a medical practice.

File size: 1 MB

Download manual 1

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Manual 2 - Basic Actions

Manual 2 covers the basic actions and other usages within the SQ application.

File size: 1.1 MB

Download manual 2

Manual 3 - Declarations

Manual 3 covers the financial side of the SQlapius software. This includes billing and any other financial information processing that happens within the SQ environment.

File size: 888 kb

Download manual 3