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The SQlapius software modules

SQlapius is mostly used by general practitioners and specialists, and we also offer custom modules to emergency rooms, hospitals, laboratories, ambulance personel and many other medical professionals.

System requirements

Our software is Windows-based (Windows 8 compatible), but we also have solutions for Mac users. Below you can read more about the various SQlapius variations. Specific hardware requirements and recommendations can be found on our hardware page.

SQ Arts

The general practitioners on Curacao form a rapidly growing group of users within the SQlapius family. SQ-arts is aimed at general practitioners and allows these doctors to quickly and efficiently register patients, create prescriptions and produce monthly declarations. SQ-Arts is created with large and small practices in mind.

SQ Fysio

SQ-Fysio is the first production version of the SQlapius software. SQ-Fysio has been operational since 2002 at a number of physical therapy practices on Curacao and even at a practice in Egypt. In the years that have followed, the SQ Fystio module has shown itself to be a solid and dependable solution.

SQ Psyche

SQlapius also provides a solution for the small group of psychologists on Curacao. With SQ-Psyche, the psychology practices also get the required support. The SQlapius software frees the psychologists from the dreaded administration tasks and allows the medical professional to concentrate fully on his or her field.

SQ Specialist

SQ-Specialist is the most advanced version of the SQlapius software. The standard declaration module is more advanced and offers the user to process different classes. The agenda module also has extra functionalities which allow specialists to plan operations and other procedures.

SQ Bloedbank

SQ-Bloedbank has been operational since 2005 at the Stichting Rode Kruis / Bloedbank. This version of our software has been completely redesigned to adhere to the specific needs of the blood bank. The blood request and donation system is a very important tool for the management of the blood bank.

With SQlapius you can securely:

  • Create electronic patient files
  • Manage patient information
  • View a patient's medical history
  • Create prescriptions
  • Manage your appointments
  • Manage your billing & invoices
  • Share information with colleagues
  • Connect online to medical laboratories

Custom solutions

Medical practices, clinics and institutions often need extra features and functionalities when making the switch to a digital, paperless office. In these cases we will integrate the required functionalities and add-ons within your software package, assuring that your work-flow is always fully optimized.

Connect securely to laboratories

General practitioners and specialists can also connect online (if needed) to local laboratories through their SQlapius software. This data exchange and collaboration happens through a secure connection, ensuring the confidentialty of the sensitive and private patient information.